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Cultural Awareness at Workplace

People move around the world for jobs more than ever before, no wonder finding yourself in a workplace with a different cultural context becomes quite a likely possibility. Equally, workplaces become more diverse in the local contexts. These changes present some challenges when it comes to communicating across different cultural contexts.

The ability to develop cross-cultural awareness, practice cultural literacy and become a strong cross-cultural communicator is a key to success. The course is aimed at preparing for effective professional interaction between different cultures and communities. Also, the course develops a sense of cultural awareness.

The course is aimed at preparing for effective professional interaction between representatives of different cultures and communities.

By the time you have completed this course, you will be able to:
1. Evaluate what kind of dividends cultural awareness can bring you at workplace.
2. Assess the reasons why cultural awareness matters to contemporary companies.
3. Develop your toolbox to improve your cross-cultural communication skills particularly in building trust.

The course will help you maximize your international relationships and develop the skills required to communicate effectively in professional setting across borders.

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