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Modern Management Concepts

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The course “Modern Management Concepts” is devoted to the systematization of the current state of the main theories and concepts of management in the following four main perspectives, which at the level of both knowledge and values are decisive in building a successful international business:

  • 1) Basics of strategic, project and operational management;
  • 2) Change Management and Leadership. Behavioral aspects in the modern management context;
  • 3) Modern trends in the formation of organizational management structures;
  • 4) Development of managerial concepts in the context of internationalization of the economy and the formation of a global business culture and ethical requirements for business.


Learning outcomes:

  • 1) Understand the periodization and interrelationship of the various schools of management
  • 2) Evaluate contemporary management theories through the prism of prior doctrines and concepts
  • 3) Understand the role of the manager in modern management contexts
  • 4) Understand traditional and progressive approaches to the formation of organizational management structures
  • 5) Understand the specificity and correlation of different types and sections of management
  • 6) Understand aspects of leadership and basic categories of change management
  • 7) Apply general business structuring approaches
  • 8) Analyze and evaluate modern business models
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