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A new educational course “Personnel Management of SAIs to Increase Engagement and Efficiency” was launched on the AFROSAI-E Learning Portal on February 22, 2021.

The development of human capital and employee adaptation as key activity in human resource management upon implementing and maintaining desired organizational culture.

New e-learning course run by AFROSAI-E is focused on different aspects of human capital development. Issues such as the evolution of HR, the place and roles of HR practitioners in the activities of SAIs, the life cycle of an employee in an organization, general duties and responsibilities of managers are considered. The program aims at assisting SAIs in achieving strategic objectives through the adaptation of human resources policies and the development of human capital.

This course is geared to all SAI staff who want to improve their management skills, however it will be especially interesting for HR Practitioners, Corporate Services Directors and Team Leaders.

The first cycle of the course lasting 5-6 hours will be available to everyone until 31.05. To complete the training, you must register on the website of the electronic educational platform AFROSAI-E.

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