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PASAI believes that the word ‘audit’ usually makes people think of numbers, balance sheets, tables and maybe a few pie charts. Unfortunately, most people don’t get as excited by these things as auditors do.

If SAIs use multimedia it will increase stakeholder’s engagement and improve audit impact.

The work of public auditors usually deserves a wider audience than what it gets. But if SAI creates a compelling case for action with the use of multimedia when publishing audit findings, they will be more likely to make a greater impact. The most memorable parts are the powerful images that tie key messages.

The same is for social media and video messages. Sometimes social media can also be a very useful tool for SAIs to engage with their other stakeholders, including the media and interested organizations. SAI should use video, which is understandable without sound, capture attention immediately and not be long.

In 2016 Facebook reported its users spend, on average, 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile when scrolling through their news feeds. The probability the typical social media user will stop to read just the first sentence of the post or tweet increases with the instant appeal of the image you’ve paired it with.

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