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Auditing Waste Management

The course “Auditing Waste Management” was developed by INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing through SAI Estonia.

The aim of this course is to introduce the concept of waste and main waste related topics: from the categories of waste and waste-related problems to the principles, policies and tools used in waste management, as well as the possibilities for auditing waste issues using performance audit methods.

It is expected that after completing the course, the course participants will:

  • know the main categories of waste and environmental impacts caused by waste;
  • be familiar with the main waste management principles and economics of waste;
  • be able to map the main waste management actors and is aware of the legal framework and main governance tools used for waste management;
  • know how to draft a performance audit addressing waste management.

The MOOC consists of 4 modules (17 lessons and 4 exercises).

Course authors: Tuuli Rasso, Alar Jürgenson, Viire Viss, Airi Andresson, Kaire Kesküla, Sigrid Rajangu

Course target group: students taking this course should be familiar with general performance auditing methods and have basic knowledge of positive and negative environmental impacts caused by human activities.

Course certification: the students who have successfully passed the course will get digital certificate of University of Tartu.

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